Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Operation BIT (Bunny In my Tummy)

I'd held off on getting rabbits in anticipation of acquiring the "goat" portion of "Operation: Goat On a Rope" but since the red meat has not yet arrived (government bureaucracy is being blamed though i'm not so sure) I finally broke down and got three does and a buck so that I can at least start raising some meat and furs. Operation: Bunny In my Tummy (BIT) is a go.

Day one of Operation BIT and one of the fuzzy bastards escaped from the cage. Guess he'd rather get eaten by snakes than by me; such a shame. I assume that since the other three are still in there, they can't squeeze out. The dogs are FASCINATED by any creature that is beneath them on the food chain, rabbits included, and they make sure to go check on the rabbits every chance they get. They assure me they are making sure that no OTHER dogs have eaten the rabbits. My dogs, of course, would NEVER do such a thing (so they say).

Day Two, because the rabbits misunderstand the dogs good intentions and are terrified on ground level, I put their cage up on a table. Good thing too. One of the rabbits discovered today that she too is capable of squeezing out of the cage, but also that she is terrified of heights. The Houdini wana-be is back in Rabbit Jail and the lower half of the cage is now reinforced with metal grid to keep the little escape artists where they belong. 

Day three is... tomorrow; lets not get ahead of ourselves.

On a side note, I frequently receive the following inquiry: "You're going to EAT them?!?", to which I reply "No. Of course not. I'm going to eat their babies". In just two days, I have caused more tears to be shed than Star Wars Episode 1. 

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